Heating Savings Case Study

Large Office Building

Customer Case Study

Case Study Overview

A large office in Southampton is heated by geothermal energy with a back-up mains gas system for when the weather is particularly cold. A single cartridge was installed in the heating system water and, as a result of this the office building saved at least 24% of its heating energy consumption. This represents a major breakthrough in the quest to save energy, and demonstrates that the new technology is a ‘game-changer’ for major improvements in water heating efficiency.

The Engineering Contracts Manager commented: “Usually 5% energy saving is good and 10% is excellent. Achieving 24% was beyond our expectations.”

What we did

The cartridge was installed in the circulating heating water for the main heating system in January.  The cartridge was simply placed in a filter pot and left in situ. The cartridge does not use chemicals, electricity or magnetism, but changes the physical properties of the water, which has several effects including a complete de-scale of the system.

After installation, daily readings of the kWh energy usage for the heating system were taken. Additionally, the ‘Degree Days’ information for the Solent region was obtained from Oxford University.  The heating energy consumption pre and post cartridge installation were compared over the first six months.


The trial successfully proved that a dramatic reduction in heating energy consumption can be achieved using this cartridge. This is a major breakthrough for the new application of this technology.

This result has been replicated with similar savings in large County Council offices and in an Energy company’s office.

Yield Case Studies


Client: Trout Farm

Trial Summary:

65,000 Treated water fish vs 65,000 Control fish.

The cartridge was introduced at egg stage

Trial Results:

  • Treated water fish weight +33% over Control fish with 5 months of trial remaining before fish achieved market weight.
  • A 20% reduction in mortality rate
  • Healthier treated water fish.



Client: Large Egg farm

Trial Summary: 900,000 Egg laying hens.  Performance assessed against historical data.

Trial Results:

  • Confirmed removal off all biofilm build up in water feed lines.
  • Indication of reduced seconds of between 1% & 1.8%
  • Indication of increased yields of up to 4%

Client: Second Poultry Farm

Trial Summary: Egg laying hens. 35,000 Control hens v 35,000 for those with treated water

Trial Update:

  • Initial 3.13% increase in yield.
  • 61 more eggs per hen during the 39 week period
  • Treated water seconds -4.38% (3,045 eggs) over the period.
  • Reduction in feed conversion rates (same feed to Control & treated water hens)


Client: UK Strawberry grower

Trial 1 Results:

  • Increased yield 18%.
  • Improved colour, size & shape.

Trial 2 Results:

  • Increased yield 16%.
  • Improved colour size & shape.

Client: UK Fruit Farm

Trial Summary:

Strawberry & Raspberry trials on two half blocks of some 30,000 treated and 30,000 Control plants in each.

Trial Results:

The client accepted that the block containing the cartridges was the highest yielding block on the farm (total farm plants 1.1m).

Client: Organic Watercress

Trial Results

  • Treated Water Bed +41% increase yield over Control Bed
  • Treated Water Bed +22% increase yield over the average bed across the whole farm

Caveat: Treated water bed not as aggressively mown and prepared as the control bed in preparation for planting which ‘may’ have had an impact.



The New Agricultural Revolution

Water Technology Cartridges

This is a major advance in technology that can increase your yields by 20% or more.  Work out what that would mean for you.  The water molecules vibrate faster which improves the absorption of the nutrients and enzymes.  It enhances the absorption of Far Infra-Red energy which in turn leads to improved photosynthesis of plants making crops grow faster, stronger and healthier.  By creating nano-particles absorption of nutrients is further improved.

This all makes for stronger and healthier natural growth.


  1. In a Hampshire trout farm the trout grew 30% more with no extra feed to reach their target weight very early compared with the next door pond that did not have the cartridges.
  2. Chicken take about 20% less time to reach their target weight. Chickens lay more eggs, with thicker and less breakable shells.  In fact the chickens refused to drink any other water for a while when we stopped the cartridge water (click her for a case study).
  3. Rice grows around 20% more.
  4. Strawberries grow 20% more and taste better.

Note that to achieve the gains the water treatment cartridges must be installed at the earliest stage possible in the life cycle of the animal or plant.  We are confident that similar yield increases and health improvement can be found in most crops.  If we have not already proven this for your crop, contact us so we can run a trial together (info@ energysavingforbusinesses.co.uk).

This is all fact based on controlled trials we have been running.  The plants and animals grow much better and are also healthier and more resistant to disease.




  1. What does Energy Saving for Businesses Limited do?
  2. We research and bring to market the best new energy saving innovations that really work, and show organisations how to use them for maximum benefit.


  1. What savings have been observed by organisations placing the new cartridges in their heating system?
  2. The cartridges are delivering proven fuel consumption savings of over 20%


  1. What is the new technology, how does it work and what does it do?
  2. The cartridges use technology that is well established in other fields, which we are now utilising to reduce radically heating system energy consumption. The new cartridge is a green eco-friendly proprietary water management technology and not a chemical or magnetic treatment. The cartridge changes the physical properties of water, inducing remarkable effects in heating systems.

Its primary role is to improve the heat exchange transfer and system efficiency, thereby reducing energy use.  Water treated with cartridges does this in several ways:

  • Complete removal of scale and prevention of further scale formation
  • Reduction of small air bubbles that hinder efficient heat transfer

The treated water’s ability to transfer heat faster and remove scale results in:

  • faster heat transfer from the boiler to the heating water
  • faster heat transfer from the heating water to the building
  • consequent lower operating temperature of boiler and water


  1. Are there other benefits from treated water apart from saving energy?
  2. Yes, because the cartridges continuously remove scale, and can keep the heating water clean, there are several ancillary benefits for your organisation:
  • Dramatic reduction in chemicals required, saving money and the planet
  • The boiler and heating system require less maintenance
  • The wear and tear on the boiler is less so the life of the boiler is extended
  • Old systems are descaled and cleaned out thoroughly, reviving them and giving them years more of useful life


  1. How can we measure the savings that the new technology makes?
  2. Analyse energy consumption data Pre and Post cartridge installation in conjunction with Degree Day data to get a like for like comparison and establish the reduction in energy consumption per Degree Day due to the cartridge. This well established technique is used by energy performance professionals across the world to ‘normalise’ the calculation of how much energy is required for any given building, taking into account the daily temperature variations at that location.

See http://www.eci.ox.ac.uk/research/energy/degreedays-weekly-daily.php

An alternative savings measurement method we support is to measure the boiler and heating water directly, so savings can be calculated without dependence on external temperature analysis.

Once the energy consumption reduction is calculated, the cash saving is calculated using billing information.


  1. Do I need to shut down the heating system to install the cartridges?
  2. No. The technology can be installed at various points in the system as long as it comes into contact with the system’s water. We can work with your maintenance staff or contractor to identify and agree the most appropriate location(s), for example a filter pot


  1. I have a lot of scale in my system. Will the cartridge remove the scale and so cause any problems?
  2. Most heating systems have chemicals in them to stop scale forming, so the new cartridge will simply do that better without the need for chemicals and increase the efficiency of the system substantially. Very old systems and systems that have leaked in the past, forming scale around the seepages, need to be repaired first before installing the cartridge. The costs benefits of the cartridge will be even greater with a system that was previously scaled up as it will gradually clear the scale, and it will also help circulate heating water to areas that were not working well before.


  1. Will the system work for both central heating systems and hot water systems?
  2. Yes. The main benefit for heating systems is usually the greatly increased efficiency of the system, delivering energy savings in the region of 20%. For hot water systems (and indeed cold water systems) the most important benefits may be the scale removal and keeping the whole system scale-free.


  1. How do we get going?
  2. Firstly it may be best that you prove to yourselves that it works by purchasing one cartridge and placing that in a heating system with bills below £70,000 pa. Larger systems may need more than one cartridge.

You can purchase a cartridge by sending a Purchase Order to Energy Saving for Businesses Limited, 14 Evelyn Crescent, Southampton, Hants.  SO15 5JE.  Company Registration: 05170055,
or alternatively by email to info@ energysavingforbusinesses.co.uk


Note that the cartridge needs to be installed simply in contact with the heating water.  It does NOT require electricity or connection to anything else except to hold it in place physically.

Technical requirements for the installation of a cartridge:

  1. The cartridge must be placed in contact with the circulating heating water of the heating system.
  2. Ideally the cartridge should be in the ‘return’ part of the system where the water is not turbulent. However it can be placed almost anywhere, such as a dead end section of pipe, as long as it is in contact with the water.  It can also be placed in a ‘u-tube’ side portion of the system away from, but connected to, the main flow.
  3. There is no need for electricity, the cartridge does not use chemicals and it does not use magnetism. The cartridge simply needs to be in contact with the circulating water.
  4. The cartridge must not be placed where it may form a blockage or significant obstruction in the main flow pipe.
  5. The cartridge needs to be restrained from moving in the heating system. There is a wire to help hold it in place, but where there may be strong chemicals in the water it is advisable to have it placed so it is restrained and cannot move.
  6. The cartridge is 205 mm long and has a diameter of 25 mm.
  7. The cartridge needs to be placed where air pockets will not form.


Quantifying Energy Savings:

  1. A minimum of a year’s history of meter readings is needed to form a baseline.
  2. The more detail that is available from the meter readings the better. We recommend that you use daily totals, but the data needs to be on at least a monthly for the history using real readings, not estimates.
  3. The analysis of savings uses degree days data and kWh readings from your site.


How does the cartridge reduce energy use by around 20% in central heating systems?


In cold weather, a building constantly loses energy in the form of heat, the amount dependent on the building.  To keep the internal space at a constant temperature, the same amount of energy must be transferred into the building’s air as is lost.  By improving the efficiency of the energy transmission system, so that energy is delivered more efficiently, less heating energy in total needs to be delivered to the building.  So how does a heating system with treated water reduce the overall energy consumption?

The whole environment

The whole environment comprises:

  • the boiler
  • the heating system pipes and water
  • the ‘target environment’ e.g. building air or swimming pool

The total heat energy required is the total required in these 3 areas – the only constant is the target environment, which needs to be kept at a certain temperature. For example:

  • If a boiler is 70% efficient then 30% of the energy put into the boiler is lost, but if it’s 95% efficient then only 5% is lost. So much more fuel is needed to warm the same building with an inefficient boiler.
  • Similarly, there is the heat tied up in the heating pipes and water i.e. the heat energy trapped in the heating system at any given time. The more heat is trapped, the more overall heat energy required.

Effects on heating water

Treated water has different physical properties from normal water.  Fundamentally, the water atoms vibrate faster, as seen by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) analysis: all the observed behaviours of the altered water derive from this fact.  This faster vibration has a number of consequences relevant to fuel consumption in heating systems, as follows:

Effect 1   Scale comes off from all heating system surfaces during its period of operation, and prevents re-precipitation, without the use of chemicals.  The scale is broken down into a nanoparticle suspension in the water.

Effect 2   The higher molecular vibration of treated water speeds up heat transfer in and out of the heating system water, as the molecules can absorb and lose heat faster than ‘normal’ water.

Effect 3  The lower surface tension leads to a reduction of small air bubbles that hinder efficient heat transfer.

Effect 4  The nano-particles suspended in the water enhance the water’s effectiveness at transmitting heat significantly.   Independently* it has been shown that nanoparticles in water can dramatically increase the heat transfer capability of water by around 30%.

These four effects combine to reduce fuel requirement for the building with the ESfB cartridge installed.  The magnitude of reduction in fuel consumption depends on the heating environment in which the cartridge is operating, and can be empirically measured.

Treated water impacts on reduced fuel consumption

  1. Boiler efficiency
    1. The boiler is restored towards its designed level of efficiency by cleaning of the system from Effect 1.
    2. Effects 2, 3 and 4 combined mean that heat from the boiler is transferred to the heating water more quickly from the boiler/heat exchanger, which may even increase the level of boiler efficiency to surpass its designed level. Hence less fuel is consumed to achieve any given water temperature.
  2.  Faster heat transfer from heating pipes and water to the target environment

Effects 1, 2, 3 and 4 combine, with the result that altered water in the heating system can transfer heat energy faster to the target environment.  So, at any given time, proportionately more of the total heat energy is in the target environment than the heating water and pipes.

The empirical manifestation is that treated heating water (compared to normal heating water) heats a target environment to the same temperature with a significantly lower average heating water temperature. This has a number of fuel saving implications.

  1. The energy required to heat the heating water is significantly lower
  2. Because the heat transfer is more efficient, the boiler can operate at a lower temperature. This may need manual intervention to change the boiler temperature, giving additional savings.
  • In a building where heating is not required 24 hours a day,
    1. the boiler can be switched on later in the morning because the heat energy transfer to the target environment is faster with treated water.
    2. at the end of the day when the heating goes off, or is very low, with treated water there is less residual heat in the heating system (due to the heating water being cooler) so less energy is lost to an empty building.

In summary, treated heating water absorbs heat faster from the boiler, and then loses heat from the heating water faster into the target environment.  Hence a lower proportion of the heat energy is a) lost by the boiler, and b) tied up in the heating pipes/water. Consequently a higher proportion of heat energy resides in the target environment, whether building air or swimming pool.  Hence with treated heating water, for a constant target environment temperature, less energy is required by the whole environment.


* Conventional heat transfer fluids such as water have inherently poor thermal conductivity compared to solids.   Nanofluids are a new type of advanced heat transfer fluids, which increase thermal conductivity three to eight-fold. See, for example:

www.kostic.niu.edu/drnanofluids/nanofluids-kostic.ppt  ‎


John Spottiswoode

How does the cartridge improve yields both for crops, hens, fish etc.?


The latest revolutionary breakthroughs always have an air of ‘magic’ about them.  However with these cartridges you do not have to believe whether they work or not, you simply have to try them.  When they work you reap the substantial benefits.  If you do not think that they are working then simply return them for a full refund of the price of the cartridges.

Effects on the water

Treated water has different physical properties from normal water.  Fundamentally, the water atoms vibrate faster, as seen by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) analysis: all the observed behaviours of the altered water derive from this fact.  This faster vibration has a number of consequences relevant to fuel consumption in heating systems, as follows:

Effect 1   Scale comes off from all surfaces during its period of operation, and prevents re-precipitation, without the use of chemicals.  The scale is broken down into a nanoparticle suspension in the water.

Effect 2   The higher molecular vibration of treated water speeds up energy transfer in and out of the water, as the molecules can absorb and lose energy faster than normal water.  Significantly this affects the absorption of Far Infra-Red from the sun and greatly improves the transfer of FIR energy to the crops.

Effect 3  It improves the quality of the soil, giving denser and stronger roots.

Effect 4  The nano-particles suspended in the water significantly enhance the water’s effectiveness at transmitting nutrients to the plants and animals, improving uptake, strengthening and speeding up growth.

These four effects combine to produce major gains in yield.  Theses can go well beyond the 20% level seen.  The magnitude of the yield improvement depends on the crop, fish or animal being given the water.  The improvement need to be reliably measured to appreciate the improvements.

Energy Saving for Businesses

Latest Top Energy Saving Green Innovation

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  • The latest cartridge technology is saving 20% or more of fuel usage. It also means scale disappears, there is greater system longevity and reduced maintenance costs. This works for both central heating and hot water systems.  Cut out the chemicals with the best environmentally friendly and effective system.  We are so confident that the technology will deliver high savings that we GUARANTEE that you will save more than the cost of the cartridge IN THE FIRST YEAR.
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  • Agricultural water enhancement to increase yields by around 20% (dependent on crop or animal product) and reduce feeds without costing you a thing and using no chemicals.  Email to info@ energysavingforbusinesses.co.uk

We are passionate about helping organisations reduce their carbon footprint. We aim to provide the best energy reduction services available to organisations.

Environmental responsibility can also save you money.

Save money, cut your use of chemicals, stop scale and substantially reduce your energy spend all at once.


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