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Save 20% of your heating costs with our new cartridge.  Just put it in contact with the water in your heating system and leave it there.  It lasts for three years delivering a scale free system and massive energy savings.  Sceptical?  Just try it.  We GUARANTEE that you will save more than the price of the cartridge within a year.   Fit and forget, just see the savings in your bills.  Email to:  info@

Our Range of Services

  • The latest cartridge technology is saving 20% or more of fuel usage. It also means scale disappears, there is greater system longevity and reduced maintenance costs. This works for both central heating and hot water systems.  Cut out the chemicals with the best environmentally friendly and effective system.  We are so confident that the technology will deliver high savings that we GUARANTEE that you will save more than the cost of the cartridge IN THE FIRST YEAR.
  • We work with partner organisations to provide such services as:
    • The Planet Mark in partnership with Planet First and the Eden Project, helping organisations improve their sustainability performance. Certification and more.
    • Electrical saving devices ….  and more
  • We provide a tailor made service to recommend the appropriate solutions for your specific situation. Our consultants will assess your organisation’s energy usage and recommend cost effective ways of reducing your energy consumption.  Email to info@
  • Project Management. We specialise in project management of green projects providing highly skilled and qualified project management experts. Email to info@
  • Agricultural water enhancement to increase yields by around 20% (dependent on crop or animal product) and reduce feeds without costing you a thing and using no chemicals.  Email to info@

We are passionate about helping organisations reduce their carbon footprint. We aim to provide the best energy reduction services available to organisations.

Environmental responsibility can also save you money.

Save money, cut your use of chemicals, stop scale and substantially reduce your energy spend all at once.


John Spottiswoode