How does the cartridge improve yields both for crops, hens, fish etc.?


The latest revolutionary breakthroughs always have an air of ‘magic’ about them.  However with these cartridges you do not have to believe whether they work or not, you simply have to try them.  When they work you reap the substantial benefits.  If you do not think that they are working then simply return them for a full refund of the price of the cartridges.

Effects on the water

Treated water has different physical properties from normal water.  Fundamentally, the water atoms vibrate faster, as seen by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) analysis: all the observed behaviours of the altered water derive from this fact.  This faster vibration has a number of consequences relevant to fuel consumption in heating systems, as follows:

Effect 1   Scale comes off from all surfaces during its period of operation, and prevents re-precipitation, without the use of chemicals.  The scale is broken down into a nanoparticle suspension in the water.

Effect 2   The higher molecular vibration of treated water speeds up energy transfer in and out of the water, as the molecules can absorb and lose energy faster than normal water.  Significantly this affects the absorption of Far Infra-Red from the sun and greatly improves the transfer of FIR energy to the crops.

Effect 3  It improves the quality of the soil, giving denser and stronger roots.

Effect 4  The nano-particles suspended in the water significantly enhance the water’s effectiveness at transmitting nutrients to the plants and animals, improving uptake, strengthening and speeding up growth.

These four effects combine to produce major gains in yield.  Theses can go well beyond the 20% level seen.  The magnitude of the yield improvement depends on the crop, fish or animal being given the water.  The improvement need to be reliably measured to appreciate the improvements.