1. What does Energy Saving for Businesses Limited do?
  2. We research and bring to market the best new energy saving innovations that really work, and show organisations how to use them for maximum benefit.


  1. What savings have been observed by organisations placing the new cartridges in their heating system?
  2. The cartridges are delivering proven fuel consumption savings of over 20%


  1. What is the new technology, how does it work and what does it do?
  2. The cartridges use technology that is well established in other fields, which we are now utilising to reduce radically heating system energy consumption. The new cartridge is a green eco-friendly proprietary water management technology and not a chemical or magnetic treatment. The cartridge changes the physical properties of water, inducing remarkable effects in heating systems.

Its primary role is to improve the heat exchange transfer and system efficiency, thereby reducing energy use.  Water treated with cartridges does this in several ways:

  • Complete removal of scale and prevention of further scale formation
  • Reduction of small air bubbles that hinder efficient heat transfer

The treated water’s ability to transfer heat faster and remove scale results in:

  • faster heat transfer from the boiler to the heating water
  • faster heat transfer from the heating water to the building
  • consequent lower operating temperature of boiler and water


  1. Are there other benefits from treated water apart from saving energy?
  2. Yes, because the cartridges continuously remove scale, and can keep the heating water clean, there are several ancillary benefits for your organisation:
  • Dramatic reduction in chemicals required, saving money and the planet
  • The boiler and heating system require less maintenance
  • The wear and tear on the boiler is less so the life of the boiler is extended
  • Old systems are descaled and cleaned out thoroughly, reviving them and giving them years more of useful life


  1. How can we measure the savings that the new technology makes?
  2. Analyse energy consumption data Pre and Post cartridge installation in conjunction with Degree Day data to get a like for like comparison and establish the reduction in energy consumption per Degree Day due to the cartridge. This well established technique is used by energy performance professionals across the world to ‘normalise’ the calculation of how much energy is required for any given building, taking into account the daily temperature variations at that location.

See http://www.eci.ox.ac.uk/research/energy/degreedays-weekly-daily.php

An alternative savings measurement method we support is to measure the boiler and heating water directly, so savings can be calculated without dependence on external temperature analysis.

Once the energy consumption reduction is calculated, the cash saving is calculated using billing information.


  1. Do I need to shut down the heating system to install the cartridges?
  2. No. The technology can be installed at various points in the system as long as it comes into contact with the system’s water. We can work with your maintenance staff or contractor to identify and agree the most appropriate location(s), for example a filter pot


  1. I have a lot of scale in my system. Will the cartridge remove the scale and so cause any problems?
  2. Most heating systems have chemicals in them to stop scale forming, so the new cartridge will simply do that better without the need for chemicals and increase the efficiency of the system substantially. Very old systems and systems that have leaked in the past, forming scale around the seepages, need to be repaired first before installing the cartridge. The costs benefits of the cartridge will be even greater with a system that was previously scaled up as it will gradually clear the scale, and it will also help circulate heating water to areas that were not working well before.


  1. Will the system work for both central heating systems and hot water systems?
  2. Yes. The main benefit for heating systems is usually the greatly increased efficiency of the system, delivering energy savings in the region of 20%. For hot water systems (and indeed cold water systems) the most important benefits may be the scale removal and keeping the whole system scale-free.


  1. How do we get going?
  2. Firstly it may be best that you prove to yourselves that it works by purchasing one cartridge and placing that in a heating system with bills below £70,000 pa. Larger systems may need more than one cartridge.

You can purchase a cartridge by sending a Purchase Order to Energy Saving for Businesses Limited, 14 Evelyn Crescent, Southampton, Hants.  SO15 5JE.  Company Registration: 05170055,
or alternatively by email to info@ energysavingforbusinesses.co.uk