The New Agricultural Revolution

Water Technology Cartridges

This is a major advance in technology that can increase your yields by 20% or more.  Work out what that would mean for you.  The water molecules vibrate faster which improves the absorption of the nutrients and enzymes.  It enhances the absorption of Far Infra-Red energy which in turn leads to improved photosynthesis of plants making crops grow faster, stronger and healthier.  By creating nano-particles absorption of nutrients is further improved.

This all makes for stronger and healthier natural growth.


  1. In a Hampshire trout farm the trout grew 30% more with no extra feed to reach their target weight very early compared with the next door pond that did not have the cartridges.
  2. Chicken take about 20% less time to reach their target weight. Chickens lay more eggs, with thicker and less breakable shells.  In fact the chickens refused to drink any other water for a while when we stopped the cartridge water (click her for a case study).
  3. Rice grows around 20% more.
  4. Strawberries grow 20% more and taste better.

Note that to achieve the gains the water treatment cartridges must be installed at the earliest stage possible in the life cycle of the animal or plant.  We are confident that similar yield increases and health improvement can be found in most crops.  If we have not already proven this for your crop, contact us so we can run a trial together (info@

This is all fact based on controlled trials we have been running.  The plants and animals grow much better and are also healthier and more resistant to disease.