Yield Case Studies


Client: Trout Farm

Trial Summary:

65,000 Treated water fish vs 65,000 Control fish.

The cartridge was introduced at egg stage

Trial Results:

  • Treated water fish weight +33% over Control fish with 5 months of trial remaining before fish achieved market weight.
  • A 20% reduction in mortality rate
  • Healthier treated water fish.



Client: Large Egg farm

Trial Summary: 900,000 Egg laying hens.  Performance assessed against historical data.

Trial Results:

  • Confirmed removal off all biofilm build up in water feed lines.
  • Indication of reduced seconds of between 1% & 1.8%
  • Indication of increased yields of up to 4%

Client: Second Poultry Farm

Trial Summary: Egg laying hens. 35,000 Control hens v 35,000 for those with treated water

Trial Update:

  • Initial 3.13% increase in yield.
  • 61 more eggs per hen during the 39 week period
  • Treated water seconds -4.38% (3,045 eggs) over the period.
  • Reduction in feed conversion rates (same feed to Control & treated water hens)


Client: UK Strawberry grower

Trial 1 Results:

  • Increased yield 18%.
  • Improved colour, size & shape.

Trial 2 Results:

  • Increased yield 16%.
  • Improved colour size & shape.

Client: UK Fruit Farm

Trial Summary:

Strawberry & Raspberry trials on two half blocks of some 30,000 treated and 30,000 Control plants in each.

Trial Results:

The client accepted that the block containing the cartridges was the highest yielding block on the farm (total farm plants 1.1m).

Client: Organic Watercress

Trial Results

  • Treated Water Bed +41% increase yield over Control Bed
  • Treated Water Bed +22% increase yield over the average bed across the whole farm

Caveat: Treated water bed not as aggressively mown and prepared as the control bed in preparation for planting which ‘may’ have had an impact.