Heating Savings Case Study

Large Office Building

Customer Case Study

Case Study Overview

A large office in Southampton is heated by geothermal energy with a back-up mains gas system for when the weather is particularly cold. A single cartridge was installed in the heating system water and, as a result of this the office building saved at least 24% of its heating energy consumption. This represents a major breakthrough in the quest to save energy, and demonstrates that the new technology is a ‘game-changer’ for major improvements in water heating efficiency.

The Engineering Contracts Manager commented: “Usually 5% energy saving is good and 10% is excellent. Achieving 24% was beyond our expectations.”

What we did

The cartridge was installed in the circulating heating water for the main heating system in January.  The cartridge was simply placed in a filter pot and left in situ. The cartridge does not use chemicals, electricity or magnetism, but changes the physical properties of the water, which has several effects including a complete de-scale of the system.

After installation, daily readings of the kWh energy usage for the heating system were taken. Additionally, the ‘Degree Days’ information for the Solent region was obtained from Oxford University.  The heating energy consumption pre and post cartridge installation were compared over the first six months.


The trial successfully proved that a dramatic reduction in heating energy consumption can be achieved using this cartridge. This is a major breakthrough for the new application of this technology.

This result has been replicated with similar savings in large County Council offices and in an Energy company’s office.